We are Paul & Fiona. Together we make up Paul Duane Photography , Paul captures your memories on camera and processes them to the highest of standards while Fiona handles all the marketing and running of the day to day business as well as doubling as 2nd photographer for Paul when clients request it.

We try to capture the real memories of the day, by mixing a modern documentary style of photography with a more traditional style. Our style is very much relaxed and natural, we don’t tell couples what to do or boss them about its just not who we are. We give advice or gentle suggestions, not orders.

We like things to be as relaxed as possible and we blend into the background that way we can capture real natural moments as they happen and ensure you have photographs you will cherish forever.

Paul Duane Photography was a finalist in Wedding Photographer of the year 2014 & 2015  and more recently was named amongst the top 5 wedding photographers in Ireland by The Irish Wedding Diary Magazine.

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